Monday, September 17, 2012

it's raining

The rainy season has hit hard again this year. It seemed to be starting off slowly, but that has not been the case this past week. Once again we find ourselves in days when the streets flood quickly and some puddles just never go away. The days when laundry multiples more quickly, is easy to wash, but so difficult to get dry again - and so we find our bedrooms turned into clotheslines with a distinct detergent smell. The days of driving everywhere with the chance of getting wet and washing your feet when you come home. The days of slipping on muddy streets as you visit your families and friends. The days of muddy sneakers and runs in the rain.

Two weeks ago we drove 2 1/2 hours out to visit two families. We got rained on when we were almost there and almost simultaneously acquired a flat tire. We froze as we drove the rest of the way in, but managed to dry off as we were visiting only to be soaked to the skin on the way home in a storm which stopped as we pulled back into our driveway.

We got a phone call yesterday morning from another one of our families in the province asking what day we were planning to come visit. Then he told us not to come. You can't get a moto down their road right now. (They also know we've fallen twice and gotten temporarily stuck a couple times while going out in the past.) His wife took a taxi in to get her medicine at the hospital and stopped to pick up their rice and school uniforms from us.

Yesterday we went out as a staff to pray and worship at our land. We had to stand on the road overlooking the flooded rice paddies which will one day be our campus. It was so beautiful though and as we prayed that the floods would wash away anything spiritually not of God in that place we thanked him for the way the rain helps everything to grow - and we can see why we will need so many truckloads of dirt to fill the land in and raise it up to street level.

Last week visiting a family one of my flip flops broke in the sticky mud. I did the rest of my visits with one shoe on.

Yesterday when I got to the end of the same family's street one of the neighbors said I really should just take my shoes off before I try to walk in or better yet drive through - it's easier than walking.

And so we slip and slide on muddy streets as we walk across the strewn coconut tree branches laid out to give some substance to the streets and we smile and play in the rain because it's fun and it's cooler and you sleep amazingly well when it feels so nice.

And I think maybe the sun will come out today. 

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