Friday, September 14, 2012

I have a testimony!

Tonight I spent some time visiting several of my friends at their homes.

A week ago one of them was in the hospital and we were praying for her life quite literally. Asking God to heal her so she can watch her children grow up - one of which is only 2 weeks old. Her blood pressure spiked so high she was having seizures and was struggling to remain hopeful. She is home now and resting, but she is alive.

Tonight she told me she has an amazing testimony for next time she can go to church, because she knows that most people whose blood pressure hits 200 don't always make it, but God saved her and healed her. Now she can take care of her sweet baby.

Just before we left we stopped to talk with another friend who just had a baby as well. The little dude was having some troubles, so we prayed for him. Our praying for him reminded his mom of just before she he was born when she was sick and asked God to heal her. He did and she was so amazed and so grateful. A few days later her stomach started to hurt her again and she began to be worried, but then she realized she was going into labor, so everything was okay.

I was so excited to hear both of these stories in a very short time span and to see God moving in my friends' lives. He is so good.

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