Saturday, March 10, 2007

God's heart. . .

The YLT students learned about spiritual warfare this week. It’s been fun being here and being a part of what is going on. They pray with passion when they pray for this nation. They want to see it change and I believe there is faith rising in their hearts that it really will change. There really will be transformation in this generation and it’s going to happen soon.
God multiplied flowers at the hospital this week. We bought them to give out for women’s rights day and at one point we had eleven left, but then we found more women and we handed out sixteen or seventeen more. It’s amazing to see God move in power and maybe he did it more for us than for the women at the hospital who don’t know, but he was definitely there with us that day and I know there were people healed and people who experienced more of him as well. When we go we have to remember we are breathing life and speaking truth and it will effect the darkness.

Sambot went to Phnom Penh with one of the moms from the orphanage this week. The day before they were not sure when the adoptive family was going to come for him, but they had Sambo in a different house. The mom said she was only doing what she had been told and something about how you can only adopt one child at a time. I don’t know if that is a government policy or an orphanage policy. I do not understand it though and I do not like it. I never thought I would know twins who were separated when they were little and grew up not knowing that they had a brother.
God please be sovereign in this situation and work this for your good. These little guys have known too much pain and separation already and they are barely more than a year old. Please have your way God. I want to see you move and do something amazing. Please change whatever needs to be changed in this society that places such little value on family and children that would allow this to happen. And be with those boys. . . You just can’t do that to kids. God I want to see justice all over this world. . .
Does anyone want to adopt Sambo? I wish I could take him home with me forever. And then go find his brother.

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