Friday, February 16, 2007

Okay. God knows what he’s doing and we really should listen when we hear him speak. We have been teaching about the Holy Spirit in Bible class because they don’t understand and last week when I was telling them about how important it is to listen when he tells us to do something I knew that I was going to be required to step it up a level in my listening. . . Do first, then teach.
Sunday morning on my way home from my first Khmer engagement party I was riding my bike down this one little dirt road that I ride on every day past all the little houses where the families from the handicap/rehabilitation center live. I saw one guy down a smaller side street look up and smile when I went past and kind of thought maybe I should pray for him, but I kept on riding saying hello to the people and heading back to my house. I tried to be logical saying we’re not supposed to stop by ourselves or anything like that, I don’t speak enough Khmer yet. . . And then I told myself I would go back after I changed. I couldn’t kick it though and I was reminded of all the stories I’ve read about how God has asked people to do crazy things in the past and God doesn’t care if it is comfortable or not.
So I went back. There are tons of people there always and some of them nearer the edge of the road are not the nicest people to us all the time, but I saw the guy I had seen a few minutes before and went over to talk to him. I knew enough Khmer to say everything that I wanted to say. As soon as I started talking to him I felt kind of stupid and kind of foolish for not listening to God in the first place and stopping to talk to him. He knows what he’s doing- he always does and he has our best in mind, so listening to him is only ever for our own good.
It was my friend Sea Nod, but he was not in his wheelchair, he was laying down on a bed. He was the first person I had prayed for in October across the street from our house. I had wanted to see him again and had thought about him, wondering where he was, but I’d never knew where he lived. God’s amazing.

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