Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Last Sunday I got to eat lunch at my friend Meiling's house. Her mom
has informed me that I am now one of her five daughters and I am
welcome to live with them if I want to. I love her like crazy. After
lunch I spoke at the hospital church. I love going to visit the
patients there. They are really patient in waiting for me to figure
out my sentences when I do not have a translator and I always manage
to make them laugh. They are very joyful people. I met a sweet mom
there with one of her daughters who had just had surgery. She became a
Christian several years before. When she was in her twenties one of
her legs got blown off by a landmine in a field. She had a one year
old daughter and her husband left her and married someone else. She
met Jesus and she is so precious. Their house is far away from the
hospital and they are only staying for her daughter to recover and
then they will go home, so I don't know if I will get to see them
again, but she has a church at home.
Sharing with the people was exciting because God gave me something to
encourage them with. There was a sweetness of his spirit there though
and afterwards we were able to pray for most of the people there. We
pray for their physical healings, but also that God would invade all
of their lives and that they would be transformed by the Holy Spirit
dwelling in them.

The first international dts in Cambodia started last weekend. . .
There are students from five different continents here and they are
hungry for the things of God. It is exciting to see what God is doing
through them already and I can only imagine what he is going to do
through them over the next six months.

We had our first community gathering Wednesday night. About 170 people
came. There were several dts teams here from different countries as
well as people from the community and area churches. I am starting to
love worship in two languages. It gets much more exciting when you
learn the songs in the other language.

Rachana got adopted by an Italian family. As much as I miss her and
wanted to take her home with me, I know that it is so good that she
has a mom, a dad and an older brother to love her. She will never have
to grow up in that orphanage. . . If only the rest of the kids could
be adopted. I hear Jake may be soon. . . It's funny because I want
them to have families. I want them to be loved and to not grow up
where there is so much abuse and yet it almost makes you cry when you
hear she's gone. You love them and then one day she just is not there
and you do not get to see her again. . . God's got her though and she
is precious and stinking cute.

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