Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Week

I don’t know why I was ever thinking I had too much free time here because it’s all disappeared now. I am into language study these days. It’s amazing the number of words I’ve learned this week. The sounds of the language and pronunciation is a bit tricky and extremely frustrating at times because those sounds just don’t naturally come out of my mouth, but grammatically everything makes so much sense- and they don’t conjugate their verbs or change their tense ever, so it’s so much easier to remember than English.
This week I also started teaching an advanced English class for Stuart who had to return to Australia for two weeks. It’s fun and I am excited about being able to share with these students, but it also makes me busier yet. The students that I have been talking to for the past month from 5-6 though are some of the same students that I am now teaching from 4-5, so I can build even more relationship with them. I also love teaching. It’s a sweet deal.
We are getting ready for our Christmas programs at the hospital and the orphanage and graduation for the youth center which is kind of another Christmas party here. They should be good. God is giving the people planning some great direction.
We also managed to have our own little Thanksgiving here this week. We had a regular schedule all day, but we had a special dinner complete with apple pies and ice cream- and chicken instead of turkey which I prefer any day. We wore crazy hats, walked around the house wearing them, played games, watched a movie and went to sleep way too late. It was a good day.
We spent a few hours in worship and prayer tonight. The presence of God was so rich. I am being challenged to run hard for these next few weeks. There is so much that God is doing in this nation and he is allowing us to all be a part of it. That is such a profound thought or idea and it blows me away, but it seems to be true, so I am trying hard to follow his voice and walk in complete obedience to what he is asking of me. . .

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