Friday, November 17, 2006

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Today, Friday, was an exciting day. This morning at the hospital children’s program several random children stopped on their way home from school to listen to the story and color pictures with us. It is priceless to see the joy even the adults have in joining us for the children’s day. They all color and dance just as much or more than the children do. And laughter always fills the air.
When we got back from the hospital there was a snake getting way too close to going into the house for any of our liking. Three of the boys killed it and apparently someone’s going to cook it sometime soon. It was four feet or so long, thick, fat and not something I appreciated learning live in the pond next to our house. I’m hoping we won’t see any more snakes that size and I‘m not planning on joining whoever eats it.
This afternoon I met with my small group at the orphanage again. There were seventeen girls there today and they got to hear about God creating the world and how people messed it all up, but he sent Jesus to redeem us. This is good stuff. These girls are all going to get saved, learn how to pray and hear God speak. Then they’re going to change the world.
I asked one of my friends during the youth center today if he was a Christian. He said, “No, but I’m close.” so all of you can join me in praying for him- his name is Bee. God has big plans for his life.
And to think all of that happened just today. . .
There are babies being born and people dying at the hospital which brings joy and frustration at the same time because the baby‘s parents recently became Christians and the man who died was at the hospital for almost a week and yet we only prayed for him once and he is gone now. What are we doing if we miss those opportunities? There are new twins in the baby room at the orphanage needing love and there are little girls filling the room with laughter and priceless smiles. There are children hearing about God for the first time listening with a faith children possess so easily. There are students being taught English at the youth center using Bible stories as their text and there are monks coming to Bible studies. The Bible class grew so large they had to move the class outside and meet on a mat on the ground which somehow only served to increase the size of the class even more. This quarter has about a month left in it before the break and the presence and power of God is moving in greater and greater ways. This will be a month of breakthrough in the lives of these students as the walls they have built up are falling down and they are seeing truth.
I am amazed that it’s been a month since I’ve gotten here, but it has been already. God is faithful and true and I love that he is angered by the injustice that I see and I am beginning to see that his great wrath adds so much dimension to his great love. God is just because he is good.
I discovered the stars in Battambang this week. I think this may be one of the only places that rivals Landenberg’s stars that I’ve seen so far. They are countless and bright lighting up the sky and making me think of home. Knowing the same God made this whole big world and is holding it in his hands makes me thankful for life and for love and for hope.
I am thankful for babies and chocolate soy milk and butterflies and music and laughter. I am so thankful for laughter. Posted by Picasa

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