Thursday, May 22, 2014

What's today Rain?

What's today Rain?

"I don't know."

What's today Rain?

"the day I come living with Mommy."

Four years ago today a very little Rain came to live with us. I did not know then that four years later he would still be living with me. It wasn't exactly the plan, but like so many other things, I am so grateful that while my life is exactly what I asked for it is nothing like I expected. I am so grateful that God sent this little man into my world. I have been so changed by Rain (and Ruen.)

And this past year in our lives has been so full - of so many good things and so many hard things. I am proud of my little Raindrop though. I am so glad I get to be his mom, to have the privilege of watching him grow up, to see his tenacity, to see his courage, to hear his jokes, to see him learning new things and understanding life around him more, to try to help his little mind and heart understand the world around him in a way that points him to Jesus hoping and praying he continues to choose Jesus. And as he continues to grow up I am excited to see all the people who will know Jesus more because of Rain's life. I know Jesus more because of Rain's life. 

Who do you want to pray for tonight Rain?

"Cake and ice cream."

That's not a person.

"Hmmm, God, Jesus, the angels, batman, spiderman, superman, all the people I know, all the people I don't know, all the pretty houses, all the people I like, all the people I don't like. . . "

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