Monday, August 05, 2013

So many, many questions. One answer.

These days when I look at all the need around me it is overwhelming.
So many families are struggling in so many ways.
They need jobs.
They need houses where they'll stay dry in the rain.
They need daycare.
They need money for food, for schooling, for their electric bill.
They need a clean environment so that persistent skin infection or cough and runny nose will really go away.
They need time to breathe so they can love their husband, their wife, their kids, themselves better. They need hope.
They need faith.
They need encouragement.
They need perseverance.

They need Jesus. 

Because he is that one answer that will really satisfy their need.
Because the acid rain will eat away a new roof sooner than later and they will be wet again.
Because even if they borrow money for rent or electric this month it will be due again next month. Because children will play in the rain or catch colds from their friends again.
Because jobs will come and go.
Because children will disobey and disagreements will come arise.
Because everyone will have a bad day.

But Jesus, he's the same. Always. Hebrews says so. The same yesterday, today and forever.
He doesn't change. And who he's been has always been good, so who he is, is all good. And that's a promise and a hope we can stand on and a Jesus we can run towards together. This Jesus who calmed storms on the open sea can calm the storms in our lives and speak peace to all the craziness we find ourselves surrounded by.

And so even though I might come with more questions than answers right now of how to help my friends, I know the one real answer is Jesus and he is more than enough.

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