Monday, December 31, 2012

Mat Yay

I can easily say that 2012 has not been the easiest year I've lived. It has been a good year, but it has held its share of troubles. Today ended though by my being reminded of God's beauty and good heart.

The last family visit I went on tonight was to see our newest and youngest little friend. She was born December 16th - just more than a month early. Last week, although still incredibly small, the doctor's deemed her ready to go home from the hospital. She's holding her own these days around 3.5 lbs. She has a real name, but we call her grandma right now since her face looks a little old with so much growing to do.

As I was sitting there with her mom tonight talking to her and hearing how everything was going I was this mom so incredibly in love with her daughter and very much so in awe of this tiny little miracle who is here and alive.

And regardless of everything else that has happened this past year, here is one mom and her baby who makes it all worth it. And there is one God who reminds me that he is in the business of making everything beautiful.

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