Friday, October 07, 2011


about nine months ago i lent money to a friend of mine. i lent it to her instead of giving it to her, because sometimes i think that's the better thing to do, the more of a friend kind of thing to do. except with that i know i may never see the money again - and that's okay. i don't let people borrow money if i'm not okay with it potentially being a gift.

after i gave it to her she did not use it for what she said she was going to and only paid part of it back before she went to work in thailand leaving her three little kids with their grandparents for months and months.

a few days ago i heard she'd come back and that while they'd been able to work while they were in thailand, the police on trip back managed to take most of the money they'd earned for different reasons.

i was down her street yesterday and saw her kids, but hadn't seen her. then just as i was leaving she came running up to me. she had a bag of oranges she'd picked from one of her trees for me and she had the rest of the money she owed me. she'd saved it to give back to me. honestly, i'd completely forgotten about the "loan." it hadn't crossed my mind in ages. some time ago i'd decided i was not going to see that money again and wasn't worried about it.

last night, i thought about telling her not to worry about it, to keep the money i know she could use to feed her family right now, but i let her pay me back, because it gave her joy, a sense of finishing what she started, of being faithful - and she can always ask to borrow it again sometime if she needs to.

i am blessed by her sweet meekness and her kind heart.

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