Friday, August 19, 2011


I wish I had a picture of myself this afternoon because I'm pretty sure I looked ridiculous, but if I had taken said picture I'm also pretty sure it probably would have been the last one my camera ever took.
I've gone to visit families when it was drizzling before or even what you could call raining a little, but today would probably have best been described as a monsoon. I could have waited, they probably all thought that I was going to, but the smiles on their faces when they saw me, the way they laughed as I carried my shoes and my soaking wet self through knee deep water, the way I understand a little more of what their lives are like, the way we all stated the obvious "you're completely drenched," the way my raincoat didn't really keep me dry - all makes me so glad I went. Because I know I can miss it, but there's something about Fridays when five o'clock rolls around that makes me really want to go visit my friends. So today when the rain slowed down around 5:30 I decided to go for it. . . if I had waited five minutes longer I wouldn't have ventured out past the front steps.
And that explains why at 6:30 I'm sitting my pajamas all showered and clean for the night waiting for my instant noodles to be ready and a cup of delightful tea to steep.

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