Saturday, August 13, 2011

Durian Shakes

Today I ended up with a free afternoon, which doesn't happen all that often and while there are plenty of projects I could work on or paperwork I could have done, I wanted to leave the house. So I did. I was driving down the road not exactly certain which of the opportunities available to me I wanted to take, but I opted for trying to take two of our girls to the dentist for the first time. The dentist office happened to have 2 openings and the girls happened to both be home, so this plan was working out well for me.

The dentists looked at their teeth and told me what they wanted to do for each of the girls. I felt so bad for the one because he pulled two of her teeth out right then and there and filled a few other cavities. She came and sat with me while we waited for the dentist to finish with the other girl. Her mouth was all stuffed with cotton and numb.

When we left I asked the girls if they wanted to go home or go get shakes first. I thought I may have known the answer and I was right. So another first happened in their lives today - they went to a restaurant and looked at a menu and both decided on Durian shakes. Even though they said they knew what a shake was they had never had one like this before and were trying to figure out what exactly it was going to be like. They wanted to know what was in it and what else was in it and what else was in it and it's taking a long time to get here. So we spent our time reading words out of the menu and speculating about new things they were noticing in the restaurant around them.

They were more than satisfied when they saw their drinks arrive and took that first taste.

I know you're not supposed to have favorites, and I don't know that I actually do because I would say that about any of them on different days, BUT these 2 girls are amazing. Nadt is 11 and the youngest of 3. I've known her for years and she has such a sweet and gentle spirit in her. I've known Jam'ran just as long. She's 10 and falls as number 4 out of 5 in her family. She's feisty and lives fully alive. In some ways both of them are so much older than they should be. They help their parents willingly and joyfully in ways that really help to provide. On the other hand though they're still little girls and they love to play and laugh and smile. I'm excited for their futures - and for anyone who gets to be a part of their futures. The world will be a better place because of these two girls living in it; my world's better for having known them.

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