Saturday, July 28, 2007


Last week I got to go skating with some of my friends. I'm not used to being one of the better skaters in the group, but I was teaching some of them how to skate. The rink here is crazy. It's all fenced in like a cage and there's a room with a bin of socks and rows of skates hanging up. My pair had three wheels each and fit almost, but they stayed on my feet and I'm still walking. Once you start skating you can go around the rink if you want to or there's a little loop that goes outside for a minute.If you're one of the pros or one of the daring ones you can skate over two different sets of hills that are almost like jumps. I tried it once, but prefer to stay on the smoother ground- the majority of the rink is half tiled (with some cracked and missing) and half just poured concrete. So you skate and skate and there are poles in the middle for people to hold onto if they need to and yeah. Skating reminds me a bit of driving around here. It's a bit chaotic and you better stay on the top of your game or it's liable to cost you something- or at least send you flying onto the floor possibly across the person you just tripped over because when people fall they don't move. They lie and rest until they are ready to skate again. . . Skating makes me want to play hockey though- wouldn't that be fun?

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