Saturday, July 21, 2007

I don't know exactly where time is going. I've been here for nine months now and in some ways it seems like much longer than that, but that really is a long time.
I went to the orphanage the other day. One of the mom's told me that all the moms are going to the beach for four days at the beginning of August. The director is going to take care of the kids. I would love to be there then. It just so happens that the day after the moms go to the beach we as a staff are going to our retreat in the same place. I'm excited to maybe see the moms I am friends with at the beach and be able to hang out with them.
Sokgia got adopted. Sambo is still waiting. Samnang and Kye got retested for AIDS in Battambang and the tests both came back negative. If they come back negative in Phnom Penh as well they can get adopted. God's going to give those boys new families too.

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