Friday, May 25, 2007

It seems that we have entered a season of God answering prayers more quickly. Within days, within hours, within minutes. God is moving all across this nation in very real and amazing ways.
The orphanage English class that used to be mass chaos has somehow calmed down into a place where we're not learning so much English, but we are certainly having a lot of fun and I would say that's more important anyways.
I am loving these kids more than ever.
We also have students showing up at the youth center for classes or parties that haven't been around for ages. It's so amazing.
One of the ylt students went home last weekend to talk to his dad before he was going to become a monk. Monday morning while we were praying for him we got a phone call that he had decided not to become a monk anymore. We were so excited. Last night we heard he's waiting two more weeks and then becoming a monk. The student went home and shared what God has done in his life much to the dislike of his family and neighbors, but he was obedient to what he felt like God was calling him to. Pray with us that God would have his way in this situation and that the entire family would choose Jesus.

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