Friday, January 18, 2013


There's a little girl in our village with down syndrome and she is wonderful. She is probably 4 years old and almost always happy unless it is time to go home and she is not finished playing. She has a stubborn side to her charming personality. She also likes shoes of any size or color. She likes to pick up the crayons one at a time as well. When she smiles her whole face lights up into something beautiful!

Last week I was visiting one of our families nearby and some of the kids were hanging around. This little girl was being stubborn as usual and the other kids started to explain to me why she did not like to listen. It was one of those things that I should not have laughed at, but I did - in my head, just a little. It would have been more funny if it was not a real person they were talking about. . . "she's a little crazy" . . . "she's not all there" . . . a literal translation of what one of them said would be "there's not enough water in her head." . . but there is definitely more than enough joy and love in her heart. She is so sweetly affectionate.

While we were still talking I learned a piece of her story I had not heard before. The grandmother who takes care of her is not her family. Her mom left long ago. She lives with her dad, but since he works all day he's hired someone else to hang out with his little girl and take care of her. And so while pieces of her story are broken and I don't know how her story will end I am so glad she lives in our village and that I know her. We also know where to check first if are shoes aren't where we left them.

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