Thursday, November 15, 2012


Today we took a little boy we've known for several years away from his family and placed him in an orphanage.

I know it was the best decision for him. I know that instead of it meaning he will never know his siblings that he will actually have the chance to grow up so he can know them.

Part of our vision here though is to keep children in their families, so convincing a little boy that he should want to go to an orphanage doesn't feel quite right. It makes me sad though that what convinced him he wanted to go there instead of staying where he was was not just the fact that there would be bikes to ride and things to do, but that there would be three meals a day.

I know that he will be incredibly well cared for at the orphanage he is at. I know that he will receive the best medical care available for him and I am confident that he will be well loved there.

It doesn't change the fact that he was crying on the phone when his grandmother said goodbye. And it doesn't change how much my heart aches over the story that has been his last 10 years to bring him to where he is today.

I know it was the best decision for him though. And I know that he is well loved. And so I pray that he knows Jesus holding him as he goes to sleep tonight and that every tomorrow will treat him more kindly than his past.

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