Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Celebrating Rain!

 Two years ago Rain was 7 months old, 8.8 pounds, full of coughs - and I won't lie - he had a big head to go with his tiny little body. He also couldn't do too much.

 Today he is 23 pounds of laughs, smiles and questions. He is this amazing little boy who loves to ride his bike, sing, dance - and eat.

 Lately it has become his habit to place his cars and trucks in a straight line on the edge of our couch and we are only permitted to sit there if we ask first - most of the time he allows it.
He also is into saying he is scared far more often than I think he's actually scared - and he concentrates so hard he blinks both eyes really hard every time he says it.
 He is a strange child sometimes too. I don't know where he learned some of the things he's learned. 

 He's just pretty much amazing. I really love this little buddy and I am so glad he has been part of my life for these past two years.

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