Thursday, January 19, 2012


Tonight I got home much later than I thought I was going to and found out Ruen had had a bit of a rough evening. I was talking with him about what happened before he went to sleep. For maybe the first time in the past year and a half that he's lived here he said he was upset because he wanted to see his mom, to go home and he cried.

And I can explain why he's here, why he's not there, why he's going to stay here for now, how I'm so happy that he is here, how I love having him here and would love if he was always here and I can pray with him, but the ache was there in full force tonight for my little buddy and it was so sad to see him missing the smiles, joy and energy that normally mark his days.

He's growing up and starting to process life. I hope tomorrow the world looks a little kinder to him and is filled with a little more joy.

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Joyce said...

My heart goes out to you and the little guy. Praying for peace and understanding... Joyce