Friday, November 25, 2011


yesterday was one of those days God just gives as a gift. The kind of day which makes me smile at his goodness and remember with joy what an honor it is to be living this adventure he's placed before me because I get to be a part of some amazing people's stories. it started off as a quieter kind of day with more fun things and less real work planned and ended with a Thanksgiving party and painting three fireplaces, but it also involved taking a friend to visit my favorite street with me. i love how the kids shout out our arrival, call my name, cling to my fingers, come running to greet us. they are so precious.

and here I got to hear how one of my friends, who is in 8th grade, just brought a certificate home from school praising her for her hard work and sharing how she is 2nd in her class of 29. her grandmother proudly boasting of her great accomplishment and handling the certificate so delicately saying she must get it laminated. i love how supportive this whole family is of each other. and I couldn't be more proud of my friend. she isn't from the poorest family that I know, but she has faced more than her fair share of adversity in life. she's stuck it out though and in 5 more years when she finishes high school i really do want to see her become the doctor she's dreamed of being for at least the year and a half i've known her. and i am excited to walk beside her over this journey and see how her story continues to unfold.

moving on from there we went to see little Amana. i have been in love with little Amana for the past 2 months i have known her. her story had a tragic beginning when her younger twin died, but i can already see God bringing his redemption because today Amana weighs 9 pounds and she's not so in danger of dying anymore. she's got the right food she needs to keep growing and here is a whole family we get to love. i am so glad i met little Amana and Maya that day in September.

and there are so many other stories i get to be part of. God truly is kind.

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