Friday, September 05, 2008

Back in Battambang

so I've been back in Battambang for a week now. It's been more strange coming back than I thought it would be. I realized on one of my flights over that my blonde hair and white skin was very definitely part of the minority once more. My world suddenly became bilingual again and I was overwhelmed by needing to speak a language I was having trouble remembering. It took a few days and several trips to the orphanage and several mornings crying wondering what in the world I had gotten myself into, but I guess you could say I'm adjusting. I played Bingo with close to fifty kids yesterday. There are six new babies and a toddler in the baby house right now and I'm falling in love. There's a little girl named Molly who was just dropped off by her mom the other day. She's not very happy right now, and Reaksa has some sort of skin something and a big belly making her unhappy and they each have their own little story and I am loving them and wanting to keep them. Someday. . .

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