Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Carols in Khmer

Saturday afternoon last week I paid a visit to the orphanage and talked to two of the girls who had prayed to accept Jesus the day before. I asked them if they wanted to come to church with me on Sunday. Ganja said yes. Rek’smey said yes, if Ganja goes.
Sunday morning I returned to see what their house mom said about it. She said it was fine and a third little girl from the house decided to join us as well. I was laughing so hard at how much it felt like every Sunday morning in America because they were not ready when we got there even though the girls knew the day before when we were coming. They were not sleeping like they are in Wilmington though, they were washing their clothes and cleaning the outside of the shutters to their house. They got dressed and then changed when the house mom did not like their first outfits and their hair was done.
As we walked out the door telling her we should be back around one I had to smile. I was completely excited that these girls were coming to church with us, but I also laugh at what I see as God’s sense of humor. I love taking kids to church with me and I guess it doesn’t matter where I am living. . .

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Nice work there... :-)