Saturday, October 21, 2006

God wastes no time... He's efficient like that

God certainly doesn't seem to waste any time in using people when they
make themselves available. I was sitting on my computer at the airport
in Taipei rather disappointed that the internet wasn't free and
someone sitting next to me started talking to me about what I was
doing and where I was going. When he discovered I was a Christian he
had several questions and several arguments and several problems with
that. And he wanted to know my view of the state of the church in
America, particularly the church that speaks in tongues and believes
in all that stuff. We probably talked for close to an hour.
I shared how this world was not the way that God created it to be,
that hell is a real place not of burning, but of the absolute lack of
God and of everything good. And that hell is a real place that people
who do not know God will go regardless of whether they have lived good
lives and never hurt anyone. It is not even dependent upon whether
they have heard Jesus preached because all of creation calls out who
God is as well as God showing up in dreams and visions to people who
have never heard of him before.
He was a bit surprised that I actually held the belief that
Christianity is not merely a set of rules to be followed, but a
relationship with Jesus and that grace remains for forgiveness because
he knows we'll make mistakes, but he gave us choice because he did not
want us to live lives as obedient little robots that do whatever he
tells them to do. He wants us to choose to worship him.
The conversation ended when he was amazed that I could not agree with
him that it does not matter what name you call God, but that I believe
there is only one true God. He believes my arguments are irrational
and illogical, but he thought it was nice I did not get upset with him
during out discussion.
I don't know how much of what I said made complete sense, but I am
trusting that God spoke to him as much as he was ready and willing to

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